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  1. The purpose of the cartoonist is to show us that love,as a graceful emotion, is of utmost significance in our life。

  2. There is no denying in saying that the author is,in one way or another,trying to send a message about the importance of face-to-face communication。

  3. Undoubtedly, the drawing does reveal that environment protection is extraordinarily crucial。

  下面两个主题分别是cultural integration(中西文化融合)和innovation(创新)。对于从话题中找出主旨也是非常重要的一步,考生之后可以将主旨直接带入到论点句中,反复例证。


  1. It is 主题 that plays an indispensable role in our daily life/in the process of building socialistic harmonious society。(强调句)

  2. Through 主题,not only can 主语....; but will also.。。(倒装句)


  1.With the trend of ....Chinese enterprises have invested in many sectors of other countries, especially in resource development, such as Huawei-Chinese brand is already deeply involved in other country's development。

  2.By means of ..., the solid foundation of friendship has also paved the way for future development in both China and foreign countries. It will offer a bright outlook for deepening cooperation between the two sides。

  3.The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum hosted in Beijing, with the vision of creating an economic prosperity, strongly reveals that cultural integration is a trend without controversy。


  1. Innovative mind makes a person outstanding among peers。

  2. Business, such as Apple, builds an unbeatable and sustainable competitive advantage through innovations with creations of new products。

  3. For China, innovation is an inevitable choice to seek to follow the development of the times and an important measure to create new advantages。

  考生也可以考虑以马云的例子为例:Mayun, CEO of Alibaba, online marketplace for global trade,revolutionized China’s internet ecology. He can neither be one of the most widely recognized representatives of China's Internet entrepreneurs nor the richest man in China earlier this year。


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